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Date: 16th April 2019



The following article appears in the latest edition (Number 34 Spring 2019) of the Association of Cricket Officials (also totally free if you're a member of ACO) and brings us all properly up to date with these two excellent and totally free products referred in outline to at our pre-Season Meeting last week .

It's reproduced here in full so that as many of us as possible will give these great products a go!

It's almost March 2019 as this is written, and it's hard to believe that only two years ago we were contemplating a season of disruption and uncertainty over the future and performance of TCS.

"Here we are in 2019 with a robust, scorer-designed, software programme that is responsive to the needs at all levels of cricket.

Over the winter there has been work going on to improve Scorer & Scorer PRO and also to build the links with Play-Cricket, including a lot of work tidying up duplications within Play-Cricket itself, and providing more control to prevent them happening in the future.

Some of the new features have already been tested over the season in New Zealand and thanks need to go to the dedicated team of scorers in this country who have been prioritising and testing the changes you are now seeing here.

While there may seem to be huge changes for scorers, they are generally ones that have been requested, such as the option for a prompt for the next bowler at the end of every over and the scoreboard not displaying the next batsman. when a wicket falls, until the scorer has confirmed who is coming in to be: The idea of giving the software user more options to switch features on/ off helps reflect how each of us wants to score including the layout of the different windows which can be opened, closed, or moved around.

By now, all the Roadshows around the country will have taken place and hopefully you were able to attend one and see for yourself the new features. If you're new to Scorer or Scorer PRO this season then do make use of the Help System and Support Team. They have grown in numbers over the winter and a provide a fast and efficient service. We know that over 50,000 of matches have now been scored across the two platforms (75% on Play-Cricket Scorer and 25% on Scorer PRO). If you've never tried either programme then maybe have a go this season - they're both free and can be used on a phone or tablet/iPad! The Scorer App is very intuitive and is ideal for matches where players may have to share the scoring - we're calling that lag scoring' - and Scorer PRO has some excellent guides in the Help System to get you started. The ECB ACO training package now includes a Module on Electronic Scoring which covers Scorer PRO. Details of a course near you are on the ECB ACO website in the 'Scorers Count! section or you can contact your County Scorer's Officer. If you're not sure who that is then email and we will pass your details to the relevant CSO.

The details below, put together by Sue Drinkwater the Scorer's Education Manager, list the Scorer PRO changes released for the 2019 season and covered on the Roadshows. There are some significant changes also released in the Analyst's area of Scorer PRO and in the Video Recording and more details on these are available by contacting the Support Team.


1 New Match- checks on the server for existing match on this date for these two teams to avoid duplication of matches. Prompts if it finds one with override allowed.

2 Open Match

Remembers the last mode you scored this match in (Live, Support, Local).

Close and re-open match to switch scoring mode.

3 Match set up screen

Tick box to 'Start with no players' for quick start when players are unknown.

Live Scorer and Local Scorer buttons have been combined into Start Scoring button.

Start Scoring button has drop down for Live, Support, Local Scorers plus Video Analyst.

Support Scorer allows end of over checks with Live Scorer and/or Video Analyst. Support Scorer scoring is backed up on the server.

Local Scorer is in local database only. No back up and no end of over checks.

Number of scorers (other than local) is shown on the task bar (bottom right).

Your scoring status (Live, Support etc.) is shown in the task bar (bottom middle).

4 Confirmation of striker and non-striker in Incoming Batsman at start of innings or when two batsmen are replaced (e.g. double retirement).

5 Prompt added when switching batsmen to check for reason (e.g. Short Run).

6 Tools - Configuration - new tabs for Video, Network and Live Streaming

Scoring tab – tick boxes for using O in This Over and Score card

Scoring tab - tick box to omit initials from wicket descriptions in the Scorecard

Scoring tab - option to prompt for bowler every over

Network tab option to check end of over score with other connected scorers

Scoreboard tab - options for the following (affect internal and external boards):-

Keep incoming player in same position as outgoing  (i.e. top/bottom or left/right)

Show outgoing batsman until incoming confirmed

Blank output until play started/bats,--e.-

Use 24-hour clock

7 Internal Scoreboard:

Dull text has been made brighter.

Cog (top right corner) - Screen Settings - own scoreboard colours.

Cog - Screen Type - new types including bars--left/right hand sides.

Can be shown in a separate location (clubhouse Google Chrome Cast.

8 Notes:

Can set a custom break to provide details to on users e.g. 'rain - inspection at 2pm'.

Can add notes when match is in Pre-Toss state.

New Milestone Notes panel, e.g. 1000th champions- runs by Player A.

Automated scorecard note for previously Retired-No: Out player who returns.

9 Penalty runs

Can add or change Penalty Runs on a previous innings.

Can choose 'Other' as penalty type and amend later when more details are known.

Double click in penalty type to amend the selection.

10 Duckworth Lewis Stern - version 3 added.

DLS drop down contains Standard, Pro v2 and Pro v3.

Option of 'Par Score' for DLS Display' settings alongside 'End of Ball' and 'End of Over'.

11 In play substitutes (Match details/team option - Replace button)

Drop down for Concussion Sub and Straight Sub (player called up to another team).

Substitute player list contains ALL team players. Don't choose someone already playing.

Adds an automatic note to say when and why a substitute was added.

Change to captain or keeper in play, prompts for whole match (error correction) or from this point onwards (replacement keeper/captain).

Can only change keeper for part match while the keeper's team is fielding.

Scorecards etc. will identify double captains and/or double keepers as appropriate.

New Player/Role Subs link (bottom left) to view/amend the list.

Double click to amend sub type or over/ball or choose Delete to remove the sub.

12 Wicket recording

Can specify a second fielder for a catch (catch assist).

Wicketkeeper appears at the top of the Fielder drop-down list.

Wicketkeeper position automatically populated when choosing wicketkeeper as catcher.

Obstruction allows the Batsmen Crossed box to be ticked (bug fix)

Sub fielder boxes have been removed

New Sub Fielder box has been moved to next to Fielder 1

Sub Fielder can be attributed to a Stumping dismissal

Incoming batsmen box has link for Timed Out and Absent

Scoring Menu also has link for Timed Out and Absent

Attributing 10th wicket as Absent triggers the end of the innings (bug fix).

Absent is no longer considered to be a wicket (bug fix).

Double Retirement added to the Wicket drop down for 2 players leaving simultaneously.

Can correct the batsman dismissed on a previous ball and use Auto Correct to reassign balls receive, unless the batsman has been dismissed in the intervening period.

Can add a wicket to an earlier ball, unless the batsman has since been dismissed.

Can change a Retired Not Out entry to Retired Out ;and vice versa) in Edit mode.

13 Scorebook view - total minutes and balls added and bug fix of penalty runs display

14 Scorecard view - double lines in batting details to indicate a resumed innings.

15 New views for session data and linear scoresheet. Can be added as tabs in Scorecard area

16 Reports under Statistics menu

New reports for Dot ball spells, Session data.

Excel Reports - exports analyst data to Microsoft Excel.

Player Averages No Ball column displays the number of No Balls bowled with the total of all runs off those No Balls shown in brackets.

Ball by ball report shows fielding positions where used.

17 Wide displayed as 'w' for one wide delivery. If additional runs scored display is 'w+1' etc.

18 Button to the left of 'Undo' allows add/insert/delete balls in Edit Mode

19 Time column has been added to the Ball-by-Ball panel (scroll right).

20 Shortcut keys added for Match Scorecard F7 and Match Scorebook F8.




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