Date: 7th Oct 2015
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Administration Documents - AGM & SGM Documents

Please use the link below to download the AGM Proposal Form.

 AGM Proposal Form (28kB)

Agenda and Calling Papers AGM 2013  3

 Agenda and Calling Papers AGM 2013 3 (407kB)

Minutes AGM 2013

 Minutes AGM 2013 (562kB)

Pre Season SGM 2013 Minutes

 Pre Season SGM 2013 Minutes (234kB)

End of Season Minutes 2013

 End of Season Minutes 2013 (206kB)

3rd XI EoS SGM 2013 Minutes

 3rd XI EoS SGM 2013 Minutes (282kB)

Agenda and calling papers AGM 2014

 Calling papers AGM 2014 (300kB)

Minutes AGM 2014

 Minutes AGM 2014 (301kB)

Minutes of Mi L&DCC Pre season SGM 2014 

 Minutes of Mi L&DCC Pre season SGM 2014 (300kB)

EoS SGM  2014 Minutes

 EoS SGM 2014 Minutes (270kB)

EoS 3rd XI SGM 2014 Minutes



 EoS 3rd XI SGM Minutes 2014 (223kB)

AGM 2015 Calling Papers

 AGM 2015 Calling Papers (500kB)

AGM Minutes 2015

 AGM Minutes 2015 (440kB)