Date: 19th Jun 2018
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2017 Combined MRF Forms and team sheets

Date: 19th March 2017

2017 Combined MRF Forms and team sheets

All updated for 2017 and available for download!

Here's a handy "in one place"  list for clubs to download what they need.

(These are now provided for the 2nd XIs as well as for the 3rd XIs in response to a request made at the End of Season meeting 2016.)

They all print as a single one-side sheet of A4, just fill them in after the game, take a decent photo with your mobile and send it to the ARSec and the job's done. Let's get those fines down!

You can of course still use the 3 separate sheets if you prefer.

They all live at but separate links are provided here:

2nd XIs


3rd XIs

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