Date: 27th Oct 2020
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BEST COMP X1 THIS CENTURY ANNOUNCED. Snellgrove, Armstrong and Sharp stand out.

Date: 1st May 2020

BEST COMP X1 THIS CENTURY ANNOUNCED. Snellgrove, Armstrong and Sharp stand out.

Firwood Bootle and Northern both win ICON T20 kits.

Thank you to everyone who voted to select the Liverpool Competition 21st Century Best X1 as displayed on the accompanying poster.

Three players completely dominated the voting in their respective categories leading us to confidently declare that the three most outstanding players in the Comp this century are John Armstrong, David Snellgrove and Marcus Sharp.

Carl Hey fought off Will Hale and Neil Rimmer to open the batting with John Armstrong, whilst Jimmy Wiesniewski and Andrew Clarke narrowly edged out Richard Hignett, Sion Morris and Gary Knight in some incredibly close voting for the other two batting places alongside David Snellgrove..

Will Purser and Neil Cross received the lion’s share of nominations in the All Rounder category with the Bootle man just getting the nod. James Cole was a steady pick to take the gloves whilst Ashraf Nawab and Tom Sephton ran away with their selection for the two vacant spinner slots.

Nicky Caunce was a strong second to open the attack with Marcus Sharp whilst the most open category of all saw Anthony Mulligan emerge as the 12th Man. David Snellgrove proved to be a popular choice to lead the team as Captain.


There were four winning entries each selecting 10 out of the 12 players. Lynne Williams, Will Purser (both Bootle) and Liam Biddlestone and James Cole (both Northern).

ICON SPORTS LTD have generously agreed to provide both clubs with brand new T20 Kits for the 2021 season as well as awarding a £30 voucher to each of the 12 named players.

We thank them for their continued support of our League.

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