Date: 22nd Mar 2019
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Date: 15th March 2018


Available for download next week!

We can’t wait for the upcoming season and to provide you with a complete digital scoring and competition management package: Play-Cricket. We’ve added over 1,280 teams during the close season and have been working hard with leagues and clubs to prepare for the start of their season. As always, our priority is to provide the best possible end to end solution for cricket with Play-Cricket. We hope you have enjoyed the improvements and reliability in the last couple of seasons.

We are very excited that our new free digital scoring product for laptops, Play-Cricket Scorer Pro, will be available next week to download. We’ve introduced this after listening to the scoring community – who asked for a high quality, stable solution that can be trusted for years. We are now confident that it is the very best you’ll find. It is:

- Used in both recreational and first class cricket this season

- Tested and improved by very experienced scorers

- Downloadable next week. Look out for the notification and give it a try!

We have been making some changes to Play-Cricket as we work towards being General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant ahead of the deadline. One area we need to address is how we share data through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) with third parties, whether that’s a club, league or commercial entity. We are reviewing our current standard agreement and will be implementing some tighter measures and controls for how Play-Cricket data is used, and who it is used by, to protect the rights of individuals.

Any existing organisation with the latest version of the API with a valid agreement in place with the ECB will be able to continue to use it.

As a result, any new organisation applying for data sharing agreements will need to wait until we have a new agreement in place later this season. This will include background checks before we share any data. We are prioritising updating all data sharing agreements first and foremost and ensuring Play-Cricket and its range of products are ready and robust for the start of the season. We have Play-Cricket Scorer Pro for scorers that want to use digital scoring and we can help get them setup too – our roadshows start next week, and we have our Helpdesk on hand for any queries.

We maintain the principle that we want to help the cricketing network use the technology of their choice, which is why we share Play-Cricket data – to improve your experience. Following new ownership at CricHQ and appointment of the new leadership team, we were contacted in February about TCS, and there is a lot of work to do on both sides to ensure that we have a robust agreement and data sharing process in place. That is why, unfortunately, Play-Cricket and TCS will not be compatible for the start of the season, despite our combined best efforts. Plus, the old API link between TCS and Play-Cricket is no longer compliant, is unsupported and would risk the stability of Play-Cricket. We will endeavour to work through a new agreement with CricHQ as we know TCS has been popular in the past. Although it’s worth being aware that data integration took over three months with Play-Cricket Scorer Pro.

I do hope you are looking forward to the start of this season as much as we are. It’s not long now until NatWest CricketForce, and perhaps some sunnier days too!


Best wishes

James Nickson

Head of Customer Marketing and Systems

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