Date: 24th May 2018
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UPDATE: ECB Scoring App is now in the App stores.

Date: 19th March 2017

UPDATE: ECB Scoring App is now in the App stores.

Has anyone tried this yet?: Wed love to hear from you if you have. 07977 201 736

LG L&DCC advice to scorers remains the same

1.            Have a really good look at the ECB App:

It's now in the App stores and available for free download.

The App and everything with it is completely free.

It’s a proven product – it’s been used for some years “down under”.

It’s simple to use, no additional training is needed, it’s said to be very intuitive.

It’s said to be very easy to “undo” if you want to correct something during the game.

It runs on any Android or iOS ‘phones or, better still because they’re bigger, on Android/iOS tablets. It doesn’t need a fancy phone or tablet.

It’s fully play-cricket compliant i.e. both up and down loading to p-c is free and easy to use.

It’s got built in free Live Update

It’s got built in free Duckworth Lewis.

Perhaps try it on a game on TV before the season starts?

It will not (currently) do wagon wheels, it won't currently run on Windows or Apple Laptops or PCs (without using an emulator e.g. which is perhaps a bit geeky)

2.            Monitor your own situation carefully if you use TCS V8/7 or older in the next few weeks to see if the links to play cricket remain OK.

If they do, all well and good but  a new Live Update licence for 2017 will also need to be purchased if those again become available this year. There seems to be no guarantee of that at the moment.

Remember If these play-cricket links to older versions of TCS also become broken by CricHQ,  continuing to use TCS will mean manually downloading teams and manually uploading scorecards back to play-cricket.

3.            Users of TCS V8 might also consider unchecking the box in “settings” that allows TCS to auto-update V8 to “Version 9” as V9 will seemingly now not be linked to play cricket.


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