Date: 5th Jun 2020
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Date: 23rd August 2019

Fines for each club have now been compiled for the period October 2018 to August 1st 2019.

Total fines for this period now total over £4600.  This is just over £400 less than the  fines last year for a similar period so a slight improvement in overall club management.

Twelve clubs have managed to incur over £150 in fines and five clubs are at £200 or more, namely Alder, Northop Hall, Merseyside S&C, Caldy and Prestatyn.

Despite numerous warnings and clubs being summoned to explain their captains' failures to provide reports on umpires in a timely manner.  These failings at the last count, which includes matches on 10th August, have amassed a total fine of £975.  Another major failure, non attendance at General Meetings has contributed £700 to the overall total/

As usual clubs can receive a detailed list of the fines they have collected by emailing me at ''.  This can be a useful check on the fines list because with well over 500 individual fineable events recorded some mistakes may occur.

Eric Hadfield

Fines Coordinator



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