Date: 3rd Jul 2020
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Date: 1st August 2019

Ineligible player.

Further to the Disciplinary hearing held on 24th July 2019 and the subsequent Management Committee meeting on Monday 29th July to consider the matter relating to Rainhill CC playing an ineligible player, Ashen Dalwattage, in three L&DCC Premier League games on 29/06/19, 06/07/19/ and 13/07/19 the following has been decided.

It was established that the player concerned had voided his registration with Rainhill CC on 23/06/19 when playing for another club in the Southport and District League before continuing to play in the three games listed above. This is in breach of playing regulation 7.3.2.

The matter was considered under Playing Regulations 6.2.1 6.2.2 and 6.2.3

After considering all of the issues Management Committee were satisfied that the player had acted independently of Rainhill Cricket Club and that the club had no knowledge of his actions. Nevertheless Rainhill CC had played an ineligible player on three occasions and this was a breach of playing regulations.

The Following will apply:

1. Rainhill are deducted the points gained in all three games, a total of 71 points.

2. 25 points are awarded to the three corresponding teams in the matches concerned, Lytham, Orrell and New Brighton.

In mitigation, no further deductions of points or a fine are to be made as the Management Committee is satisfied that the above penalty is sufficient in this case. The Club had no knowledge of the situation and would have acted sooner had they been notified sooner by the Southport and District League.

The player has been banned by Rainhill CC and the L&DCC for the remainder of the season.

The Premier Division table has been appropriately amended on play-cricket

L&DCC Management Committee

1 August 2019




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