Date: 7th Dec 2019
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Date: 22nd March 2019


......and get nowhere!

A number of vigilant club officials have pointed out to us that these attacks are still continuing, Management Committee gets lots of these too!

Most of us have seen these many times before but a reminder never goes amiss.

Many of these attacks are written in very poor English and are blindingly obvious as fakes, others are not and are much more plausible.

Always, always, always check directly with colleagues before releasing any payments, a quick phone call is usually best as this copies the "two-factor authorisation processes" in place with many organisations.

If you receive a cold call, ring or .txt your colleague to check any story on a different 'phone, properly to break the link to the cold caller.

There's lots of advice out there, here at random are four possible sources of information:

Let's be careful out there!

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