Date: 20th Apr 2018
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Date: 29th April 2017


.... and hot off the press.

Dear Assoc.

The cricket season is underway for the vast majority with a number of friendlies and league fixtures successfully scored up and down the country. We hope you’re settling well into your season.

However, in recognition of the uncertainty surrounding digital scoring, here’s an update on what we know following our last correspondence.    

An advised upgrade to TCS V9 was communicated by CricHQ to its users just as we were preparing for the start of the season. We’ve also seen the launch of Play-Cricket Scorer, which is helping the casual scorer, as well as some regular scorers in the absence of a link-up between TCS V9 and                                                                 

Total Cricket Scorer

1. To continue to use TCS V8, a scorer can untick the automatic upgrade box.

2. Most scorers who use TCS have told us they will continue to use V8 as they can download fixtures from and automatically upload completed scorecards. It’s also possible to live score, providing users have a current licence to do so (£12 - £15). V8 currently updates electronic scoreboards, providing the user has a one-off licence, around £250.

3. Post Monday 1st May, CricHQ have advised that they will no longer continue to support TCS V8, including live scores, recommending users upgrade to V9.

4. To use V9, you can download the software for free. Be aware there are some additional costs e.g. exporting data files. And, it’s not linked to, so you will need manually transfer scorecards.  

Some scorers who have a perpetual licence for V8 intend to continue using their version beyond 1 May, without the support. If you don’t have a perpetual licence, or need live scoring, you can upgrade to V9.  

Media interest for scoring

The eagle eyed among you would have noticed that scoring has made the press of late with the art of book scoring featured in The Times and a feature on Play-Cricket Scorer was circulated on Sky Sports News. It’s great that scoring and the value of scoring is receiving long overdue recognition and this provides a platform for ECB ACO and ECB to build upon together.                             

*NEW* Play-Cricket Live - free download for mobile and tablet on iOS and Android.

Play-Cricket Live, due to be released in May, is the second app from ECB for the benefit of the recreational game in May. Play-Cricket Live will allow followers of recreational cricket matched being scored on Play-Cricket Scorer to access league, club, team and player progress as the games are being played, meaning that real time information can be available to anyone wanting to keep up-to-date with progress but who cannot be at a match in person.


We would like to thank all of you who have provided feedback on TCS, CricHQ and Play-Cricket Scorer, and can assure you that we will continue to work closely with you, and in the best interests of our umpires, scorers and digital scoring as a whole.

If you require further support the following options are available to you, alongside your local ECB ACO officers. and Scorer:

CricHQ and TCS:



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