Date: 20th May 2018
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Date: 18th August 2016

Biggest ever programme underway. Can your club host a game?

The largest ever Liverpool Competition programme of representative cricket is now underway with 20 scheduled games throughout the summer (more if any age group reaches the finals!). 



Senior Representative   Readers Inter-League(all games 1pm)

Group 2

Sunday 10 July v Greater Manchester (home)

Sunday 14 August v Pennine (away)

Monday 29 August     Final    Winners of Group 1 v Winners of Group 2


Under 25

Monday 1 August   L&DCC U25 v MCC 11.30 at Formby CC


Under 21 CricTours NW U21 Inter-League Competition

Wednesday 22 June                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Liverpool Competition v North Staffs and South Cheshire League (10.45)   at Leigh CC

Weekday between Monday 11 July and 21 July                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Liverpool Competition v Northern Premier League

Thursday 4 August Bolton Cricket League v Liverpool Competition

Under 21 for the Opening Up Cup

Friday 12 August Northern League v L&DCC (11 am) at St Annes CC


Under 18Readers Inter-League(all games 1pm)

10 July v losers of Greater Manchester v Pennine (away)

14 August v winners of Greater Manchester v Pennine (away)


Under 16/17  

Tuesday 10 May L&DCC v Lancs U15 at Highfield 11am start          L&DCC 134-4 match abandoned

Wednesday 15 June L&DCC v Myerscough College (home) 11am start    Cancelled

Tues 5 July L&DCC v Dilip Vengsarkar Academy (1pm) at Formby CC


U14 LCB Michael Roche Trophy

12 June            v Greater Manchester            at Woodbank   GM 232-4 abandoned rain   

3 July               v Pennine                                away

17 July             v Greater Manchester            home

7 August          v Pennine                                home


U12 LCB Alan Wright Trophy

12 June            v Greater Manchester            at Hightown CC   GM 118ao L&DCC 88ao

3 July               v Pennine                                home

17 July             v Greater Manchester            away

7 August          v Pennine                                away



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