Date: 25th Jun 2019
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Date: 21st January 2019


Cricket Academy provides the extras.

A number of clubs began winter nets in January without some of the usual faces. The absences were not related to any transfers or club departures but due to the fact that a bunch of lads from the Liverpool Comp’ were out in Hyderabad in India on a 10 day trip to be extras in a movie about cricket.  Our lads from the comp played the part of a new Zealand XI in a Bollywood movie about a player who makes it as an International Cricketer at the latter stages of his career 

The opportunity arose through business contacts of the Liverpool based City Cricket Academy North (CCAN) who operate out of Liverpool College during the winter.   ‘We were invited to find 14 cricketers of first XI standard for a 10 day trip to Hyderabad” said Matty Jackson Director of CCAN and skipper at Liverpool CC. “It  made for some of the strangest phone calls I have ever had to make”.  Players from Leigh, Liverpool, St Helens, Wavertree, Skelmersdale and Northern all made the trip to India.

Stephen Cole (Northern CC), who has recently joined the management team at CCAN, explained how the opportunity came about. “Our core work relates to providing high quality opportunities for young people to enjoy cricket.  While we were on a tour to India in last February we made a number of contacts, one thing led to another and we ended up with this exciting opportunity.”


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