Date: 18th Feb 2019
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Date: 9th March 2018


Laws 41 and 42 have changed!

The ECB has produced this excellent summary, please encourage everyone to have a good look at it using the link above before the season starts.

The MCC’s new code of Laws has updated Law 41 - Unfair Play, and Law 42 - Player Conduct. It is important that everyone involved in the game from captains to umpires, coaches and administrators understand the changes to these laws and the impact it will have on their role.

ECB has provided recommendations on how these Law changes should be implemented to maximise more play and provide the best possible experience for players and officials. Importantly, this includes the differing responsibilities between non-playing and player umpires.

Finally, players are also advised to familiarise themselves with the LG-L&DCC regulations in the 2018 Handbooks in advance of the season.

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