Date: 19th Jun 2018
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Date: 29th April 2017


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Dear Play-Cricket Administrator,

The cricket season is underway for the vast majority with a number of friendlies and league fixtures successfully scored up and down the country. We hope you’re settling well into the season.

Play-Cricket Scorer

In the five weeks since the release of Play-Cricket Scorer ECB has received invaluable feedback from the recreational game. To date there has been 10,000 unique downloads resulting in 22% of last weekend’s scorecards uploaded via Play-Cricket Scorer. In comparison, 9% were uploaded via Total Cricket Scorer.

  Version 2 is available NOW in the Google Play and App Store with further updates due throughout the season. The headline additions are:                          

View the final scorecard for a match in your matches list, post-match.

Download game details in advance to score offline with Play-Cricket data.

Allow multiple scorers to score the same game, one scorer will assume Play-Cricket syncing rights.

Receive notifications at the end of an innings, when a target score has been reached, and at the end of a match.                        

There are two common FAQ’s that we want to share to help scorers using the app:

1. People at my club want to score using the app, how do I give them access rights?

Anyone with a designated role of scorer within your club will be able to score a game and upload a full scorecard from Play-Cricket Scorer: it is not just restricted to the site administrators. Thus you may wish to review who has a role of scorer and so spread the responsibility for result entry. You will still be able to review and amend any scorecards that have been uploaded.

2. Can I do anything in advance of arriving at the ground?

Where possible enter the teams prior to the match day via the team picker in fixtures admin. This means the players can then be present in Play-Cricket Scorer for the start of the game, and hence the scorer at the game only has to search for players if there is a last minute change.                       

We would like to thank all of you who have provided feedback on Play-Cricket Scorer, we’re responding a quickly as we can – keep it coming!

Please contact us

*Coming soon - Play-Cricket Live*

Play-Cricket Live is the second app to be released, by ECB for the recreational game, in May. Play-Cricket Live will allow followers of recreational cricket (scored using Play-Cricket Scorer) to access League, Club, Team and Player progress as the games are being played, allowing followers access to consume and digest the scorers work as they record the game.

*Play-Cricket Live will be free to download for mobiles and tablets on iOS and Android.


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