Date: 16th Dec 2018
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Date: 20th January 2017


A letter from Paul Bedford - the ECB National Participation Manager - Leagues and Competitions

Dear All,

By way of an update on conversations ECB are having with the Home Office and a few of our few Premier Leagues I can confirm the following:-

1. ECB have amended the ‘non-ordinarily residents’ registration form to accommodate requested changes. Amateur Player League Registration Form attached.

2. We now have achieved greater clarity from Home Office on Player Pathways’ for non-ordinarily resident players seeking a visa. The Home Office are the only body that can determine eligibility but ECB, through the email address will assist clubs.

3. The Question and Answers have been updated and are attached.

It is expected that all ECB Accredited Premier Leagues will use the revised Amateur Player Registration Form. Use of this Form does not prevent the League from continuing with its own process of separating Category 3/3E Players and using Play Cricket to do so. ECB will be checking that ECB Accredited Premier Leagues are in possession of the forms from clubs that have registered non-ordinarily resident players.

Once we have decided ‘Best Practice’ with Accredited Premier Leagues we will be contacting other Leagues via their County Boards to request that, in-line with Home Office policy they adopt a similar process.

Player Pathway definition:-

A player may be considered to be on a “Pathway” and therefore classified as a “Professional Sportsperson”, if that person has played cricket above U17 at state/ province/ territory level (paid or unpaid) in any country.

Note the words, ‘may be considered’, as it isthe Home Office that decides if a player is eligible to enter the country and play under a particular visa and not ECB. Our advice is that the closer a player is to the ‘boundary edge’ of eligibility the greater the need to gain certainty from the Home Office.

I have also pasted a set of slides that we tested with Nottinghamshire Cricket Board last night which I am sure will be of help. Once refined we will place with the Q&As on the ECB Club Support Page on the website.

With best regards

Paul Bedford

National Participation Manager - Leagues & Competitions
England and Wales Cricket Board
Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood London, NW8 8QZ, England




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