Date: 20th May 2018
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Date: 18th September 2016


Club coach vacancy

Highfield Cricket Club: Club Coach

Name of coach: Vacancy

Responsible to: Director of Senior Cricket and Director of Junior Cricket at Highfield Cricket Club

Main Duties
To take full responsibility for the club’s Senior & Junior coaching sessions; The ten week winter net programme and the summer training programme at Billinge Road on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays  and Thursdays from 18.00 – 20.00.

  • To maintain high ethical standards in coaching, ensure they keep up-to-date with their knowledge, skills and qualifications and prepare all coaching sessions in advance.
  • To undertake training appropriate to the role e.g. child protection training.
  • To work with and include the Directors of Senior & Junior Cricket, Club Captains, Club coaches in the preparation and running of each training session.
  • To attend Senior Cricket and Junior cricket meetings and report on progress.
  • To offer the club feedback on the organisation and degree of success of Senior & Junior coaching
  • To inform the Director of Senior & Junior Cricket in advance of any sessions that cannot be attended.
  • To write and plan the implementation of a fully inclusive, annual (indoor/outdoor), player centred coaching programme.
  • To communicate regularly the child centred coaching ethos to officials, players, coaches, captains & parents
  • To ensure all coaches attend appropriate training & development courses
  • Where required attend selection meetings
  • Keep up to date medical consent/parental consent forms

Other Responsibilities

  • Encourage the development of high quality facilities
  • Ensure there is enough appropriate equipment and monitor equipment levels
  • Provide all appropriate resources for coaching/coaches
  • Where required attend junior league meetings/coaches meetings
  • To have knowledge and understanding of ECB Child Welfare procedures in relation to coaching responsibilities

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

  • An experienced Level 3 or 2 coach with a knowledge of ECB coaching and coach education systems with a willingness to progress to level 3.
  • Full member of ECBCA + attendance on Good Practice and Child Protection Course. DBS Cleared.
  • Self motivating and believe passionately in improving the quality of coaches and coaching within the club environment

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience Continued...

  • Enthusiastic, positive, reliable, well presented leader with good interpersonal skills
  • Have good management and organisational skills
  • Display a sound knowledge of cricket structures
  • Have the ability to communicate and negotiate with internal and external personnel
  • Must be approachable and contactable (sometimes during unsociable hours)
  • Must be both a ‘starter’ and a ‘finisher’


Dependent on experience and qualifications

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