Date: 22nd Sep 2020
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Date: 29th October 2019

All cups now on Sundays

The start and finish dates of the 2020 League season have been set as follows:

Week 1: Saturday 25 April/Sunday 26 April

Week 22: Saturday 19 September/Sunday 20 September

Taking account of recurrent views from the four recent open forums there will no longer be a “cup” week within the Saturday league programme. All cup games will be on Sundays (With the Ray Digman and Ray Tyler cups fixtured on different days).

  • A summary of the comments and views from the Forums will be published shortly, together with a separate paper on 3rd X1 issues raised,  being produced to inform debate at the forthcoming 3rd X1s Special General Meeting on 12 November.


Management Committee

29 October 2019

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