Date: 24th Jan 2019
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Date: 26th November 2017


Take a look at this fly on the wall account of Alder CC's AGM as reported live on Twitter by Andy Aitchison @AndyAitcho

We all have them. Most are boring but are necessary for the running of any cricket club. We just thought Alder's goings on superbly captured what it takes to run a club - and a bit more.

Have a read: 

"At the Alder CC AGM exciting stuff, live updates here

There is officially enough people here for the AGM to be valid (20) Including Brian. Hemel sends apologies. Ravi just arrived

Chairman’s address, always a highlight.....

Praise for Naz dealing with a difficult situation with players leaving at start of season - highlight away to Spring View chasing 240

Secretary address - possibly the most difficult season off the field in 40 years, some positives 2B fair No overseas next year.

Diamond anniversary of club this year. 60 years Nalgo/Alder some events planned this year.

Ambrose 2nd XI report. Thanks players for availability, struggled without Spee. Players stepped in. Most +ve young lads excellent

Special mention Callum and Adam youngsters. Should have won in cup with 9 men. Not in bad position in skippers opinion.

Fordy, similar to Ambrose. Suggests when 3s are short 1s and 2a can play with 10 to avoid fines. 

Sunday -praises youngsters. We need to look after them. Pleasure to captain successful side. Best game was Sefton, 30 points from promotion

Mike Dunn “we need a lot of fundraising, any ideas?”

Paul Roberts helps ensure Alder regain Clubmark - well done

The room is officially now being set up for a party tomorrow so it’s a break. And resume in pool room in 10. Couldn’t make it up 

Here we are in the pool room!

AGM resumes after forced intermission. Next on the agenda is election of officers, any drama this year?

Bobber president;  Ian Mackay Chairman;  Mike Dunn Sec;  Rob C Treasurer;  Mike Dunn Fixture Sec; Ravi assistant Sec; Paul R Development. 

Facilities Director Bernie; Welfare officer Mike Dunn; Deputy Welfare Rob D.

Fund Raising Chair – Bernie; Parent Rep - Mike Moore.

Ist Team Captain - Naz not standing.  Michael Ambrose (elected) who addresses the meeting. He’s looking at attracting players will do everything he can

2nd XI Captain Bernie. Addressed meeting, looking to work with MA and recruit, know more at nets

3rd Skipper - Ian Ford. Addressed meeting- try to get a side out every week.

Sunday 4th XI Phil Naylor.

Play-cricket admin – Rob D

 Rob Chinneck just shouted at Ravi and called him facetious

 Tours- not enough interest for Lanzarote Tour.  I expressed my disappointment at lack of numbers and support for a great tour, end of an era.

Stafford tour- not cancelled yet but revisit at half yearly meeting.

Winter nets. Old Xavs and King David suggested. Mike Ambrose to sort with Mike Dunn.

Marie Naylor suggests West Derby for nets.

The chairman just called the whole room pathetic for not bringing pens

1st player of year zee 2nd player Tim Reilly 3rd Dylan Bowen 4th John Scott!!!!! Party Time!!!!

And that’s the end of Alder AGM. Thanks for following. What a ride" 

With thanks to Andy Aitchison and Alder CC.


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