Date: 22nd Jan 2018
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Date: 11th December 2017

All the latest moves as Murgatroyd takes the reins at St Helens Town.

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Latest notified moves:

George Burrows to Formby from Wigan

Sabbir Patel to Formby from Preston

Simon Kerrigan to Fulwood and Broughton from Ormskirk

Owais Shah to Highfield from Poloc

Shaun Anders to Sutton from Widnes 

Latest Club News

St Helens Town Captains for 2018 - 1's Philip Murgatroyd 2's Dave Gregson 3's Ciaran Spencer

Player Moves

Will Hale to Bootle from Hallam

Bharat Tripathi to Bootle from Burnley

Joe Smith to Sutton from Hightown St Mary's

Stephen Lucas to Ainsdale from Northern

Connor Windell to Ainsdale from Tattenhall 

Jamie Barnes to Northern from Ormskirk 

Joe Noctor to Sutton from Rainford

Mattie McKiernan to Richmondshire from Leigh

Toby Bulcock to Leigh from Whalley

Ryan Maddock to Ormskirk from Lytham

Chris Anderson to Liverpool from Aigburth

Harry Thompson to Liverpool from Liverpool University

Jonnie Eleanor to Liverpool from Liverpool University

Michael Jones (now signed for Durham) to Tynemouth from Ormskirk

Amlyn Layton to Formby from Llanrwst

William Porterfield to Formby from Warwickshire

Gary Keedy to Southport and Birkdale from Formby

Kamran Hussain to Adlington from Alder

Chris Brownlow to Northern from Southport and Birkdale

Tom Billington to Northern from Horwich

Sam Kershaw to Bootle from Rainhill

Matthew White to Rainford from Hightown St Mary’s

Ahmed Safi Abdullah (O/S) to Birkenhead Park from Faisalabad

Danny Edwards to Morecambe from Lytham

Club Information

Formby captains: 1's James Seward 2's Tom Mills

Highfield captains: 1's Jimmy Taylor 2's Scott Cornish

Bootle captains: 1's Craig Prince 2's Mark Prince 3's (sat) Andy Malone 3's (sun) Andy Ehlen 

Wigan captains: 1's Charles Taylor 2's Mark Rowe

Rainford captains: 1's David Snellgrove 2's Mark Brook 3's Steve Harrison

Andrew Clarke is the new 1st X1 captain at New Brighton. Ian Bowyer will captain the 2's with David Griffiths and Simeon Shiff skippering the two 3rd X1's.

Josh Eastwood is the new 1st X1 scorer at New Brighton

Kevin Wilson (scorer) from New Brighton to Ormskirk

Scott Rimmer has been elected as 1st X1 captain at Fleetwood Hesketh. Steve Gregory skippers the 2ndX1 and Bautik Shukla leads the 3rds.

Dave Kennedy has been appointed Director of Cricket at Northop Hall

Ted Williams has been elected as Chairman of Selectors at Sefton Park

Chris Firth and Craig Todd have been re-elected as 1st and 2nd X1 captains at Southport and Birkdale. Alan Green has been elected as 3rd X1 skipper. 

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