Date: 24th May 2018
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Date: 25th March 2017


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Not going through the motions .......

It was one of the most intriguing close-season moves yet in its way not the most surprising transfer of the winter. Anyone who has talked to David Snellgrove for any length of time understands that his enthusiasm for cricket is deeply rooted, so the chance to work with Rainford’s youngsters, albeit that they are still smarting a little after their second relegation from the Premier League in seven years, was one he was unlikely to turn down.

Snellgrove had, after all, won all there was to win with Firwood Bootle apart from a national trophy. He admitted that a new challenge was exactly what he needed to get his juices flowing. The good news for Rainford’s players and supporters is that they are flowing still.     

“I’m very excited about the new season and really looking forward to it,” said Snellgrove, who is quick to point out that in order to be relegated from the top division of the Liverpool Gin Liverpool Competition Rainford had to be promoted there in the first place. There is plainly talent at the club and Snellgrove’s job, in what both parties admit will be at least a two-year stint as skipper, will be to help young players mature and acquire a little more nous.

“The natural ability is there but it’s going to be a question of them maturing a bit or a case of finding different ways to win or stay in games when that natural ability isn’t enough,” said Snellgrove. “I hope I can assist in a little way and I’m looking forward to doing so. There’s some ability there to be sure and I just hope that we can be challenging for a top spot.

“Of course it’s going to be a little different from Bootle but the club have asked me to come in and captain the side as I see it and get the team just a little bit more streetwise. They’re still young lads but we’re looking for big things from quite a few of them.”

Three of those from whom Snellgrove has great expectations will arrive from Australia in the next couple of weeks. They are John Dotters and Matthew Bailey, who have spent the winter down under, and the Parkdale batsman, Anthony Reid, who played for Rainford’s second team last summer and will be making the step up to the flagship side this season.

“We’re keen to welcome the three of them back and get outside,” said Snellgrove. “We began in the indoor nets by trying to blow the cobwebs away but they are now only worthwhile if people want to work on something specific rather than go through the motions.”

Going through the motions, as Rainford’s cricketers will soon discover, is not David Snellgrove’s style.   

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