Date: 20th May 2018
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Date: 4th January 2017


Start Times; Cup Formats; Administrative Compliance.

A number of proposed changes to playing regulations are amongst those being discussed and voted on this Tuesday. We highlight some below and set out the reasons for putting them forward.

Proposal 4  The importance of clubs following administrative procedures is essential to the sound functioning of the League, particularly one with 42 clubs playing in 11 divisions. Clubs that consistently fail in this respect receive fines which are ever increasing. This proposal adds an additional criteria of  satisfactory administrative performance to the existing club and ground criteria to be taken into account when promoting clubs. 

Proposal 8 . A possible earlier start time by 30 minutes in 1st X1 games. This addresses some difficulties experienced in 2016 with the implementation of the additional half hour rule on a 1.00 start. The proposal suggests a 12.30 start and retention of the additional half hour or keeping the 1.00 start without the additional half hour. 

Proposal 9  Proposal to change the start time for 2nd X1 games from 1.45 to 1.00. The start time in 2nd X1 matches has been the same for some time now and in keeping with the ever increasing trend to start games earlier and allow greater family and social time afterwards this is put forward for clubs to decide upon.

Proposal 18 This is a proposal coming out of the Review Group established at the End of Season Meeting and addresses some of the significant problems experienced in recent years in progressing cup competitions played on Sundays. The proposal splits the teams in the Ray Digman (1st X1) and the Chester ( 2nd X1) cups into two groups in each - playing for four cups. The top 16 teams in the 2016 league competition will play for the Ray Digman and Chester Cups in 2017 with the remaining 20 teams in each playing for two new cups ( to be named). This will allow for simpler and more manageable pathways to the four finals and perhaps give teams from the lower divisions a more meaningful cup experience. 

Management Committee

January 2017


All members of the L&DCC

From the MiDL&DCC Management Committee

Sunday December 11th 2015

In accordance with the Constitution of the L&DCC Item 7, notice was hereby given on the 11th December 2016  that the Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday 10th January 2017 at Bootle Cricket Club at 7.30pm.  

If you, as recipient of this e-mail, are not the club secretary, please ensure that these papers are passed on to the appropriate person / persons.

Clubs are asked to discuss these matters carefully before the meeting and to note that their attendance at the meeting is mandatory.

The papers for this meeting may be found by clicking on the link below …… or by going to "Admin Docs" and then on the drop down box "AGM /SGM Documents" and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Chris Weston

Hon Sec


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