Date: 24th Nov 2020
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Date: 6th November 2019


Plenty to think about as the Comp moves forward and tackles current issues

4 Open Forums were held at New Brighton, Sefton Park, Ainsdale and Wigan between 23 September and 15 October, attended by 61 individuals from 27 clubs.

From the wide ranging discussions held in each venue, from the pro-formas completed by those present and from the four written submissions made by those unable to attend, the following represents a summary of the points most commonly raised.

A complete list of written comments is available to view at

The discussions at each of the Forums followed the same pattern of focusing on three primary headings: STRUCTURE, FORMAT and PLAYER ELIGIBILITY.  


1ST X1    already agreed with ECB as our Premier League Structure and not discussed.

2ND X1    Start time – good discussions on moving to 1pm with mixed views, marginally in favour of retaining status quo (1.45)

2nd X1    Strong preference to keep all three divisions based on performance and rejection of one Premier and two Regional divisions.

2nd X1 and Sat 3rd X1        Significant interest in enabling 3RD X1s to be promoted into 2ND X1 division with subsequent relegation from 2nd X1 division to 3rd X1 division, creating a ladder for all teams below 1st X1’s on Saturdays. 

Sat 3RD X1’s         Need to make Sat Premier more competitive – possibly by changing from a 12 team to a 10 team division.

Sun 3RD X1’s        Satisfaction expressed with the structure i.e. one Premier and two Regional divisions but strong view that more rather than less games in all divisions were needed.


Ist X1   Strong and predominant view that the current format of time cricket should not change. No enthusiasm for Win/Lose cricket.  

1st X1   Start times – again good discussions on moving to 12noon but as with 2nd X1 (above) majority view was to retain status quo (1pm)

1st X1   Significant views expressed about the points differential between winning (20/25 points) and drawing (bonus points) and cancelled games (5 points).

1ST X1   Discussion at all four venues re possible restrictions on the number overs that can be bowled by one player (15/17/20) but no overall support for this.

1st X1   Similarly some discussion on possible capping of the number of overs that the team batting first could bat. Again no overall support for this.

2nd X1   Strong preference to retain time cricket.

2nd X1   No real impetus for changing anything although same views expressed about points differential.

Sat 3rd X1         Greater interest in moving the start time from 1.45 to 1pm.

Sat 3rd X1         50/50 split between wish to play Time cricket and Overs cricket but no support for T20 cricket on a Saturday afternoon. 

Sat 3rd X1         Support for the idea of starting batting bonus points at 75 (from 100) applies to Sun 3rd X1 as well

Sun 3rd X1        Recognition that start time needs to stay at 2pm due to Club’s commitments with Juniors on Sunday mornings – but – issues raised about juniors finishing “late” on Sunday evening and needing to get home for school on Monday. Suggestion that Clubs could make greater use of the existing flexible start time rule.

Sun 3rd X1        Time cricket/Limited overs cricket/T20 on Sunday afternoons were all debated. Outcome seems to be that Time Cricket is still the preference with greater interest in Limited overs than T20.

Sun 3rd X1        Some concern expressed about the imbalance of the declaration regulations to retain bonus points at 45 overs often leading to the side batting second receiving (considerably) more overs than the team batting first. 


1st X1               No change

2nd X1               Possibly extending the post-game registration facility, as currently operating in 3rd X1 Divisions. It was thought this would help sides experiencing difficulties fielding full 2nd X1s.

Sat 3rd X1         No change

Sun 3rd X1        Significant discussion around the U18/over 40 playing sat/sun facility showing clear dissatisfaction with current situation. Predominant view was to exclude all 1ST X1 players (on 11 game count back) from playing Sunday 3rd X1 irrespective of age.

Sun 3rd X1        Also majority view to return to 2018 regulation on eligibility for cups.


Sun 3RD X1s      Widespread lack of knowledge on the “Driver Regulation” introduced in 2019 allowing any player to play with a 3rd X1 as a “driver” with restrictions.

Discussion re Umpires:           Concern about lack of umpires but no real solutions being put forward other than 1. Making it a requirement of playing in the Comp that your club adds an umpire to the list and 2. Look at possibility of umpires umpiring 1st X1 games at their own clubs.  In addition there was greater concern for lack of all-round attention to the standard of umpiring in 2nd and 3rd X1 games

1st and 2nd X1             Perceived waste of everyone’s time to call Tea at 4.15 after 54 overs. In most cases leads to game finishing 10 minutes later. Call for flexibility.

1ST and 2nd X1              Following above, some discussion around over rates with a feeling that umpires should be more rigorous in calculating and applying the 17 an hour rule.

ALL                  On balance, participants felt that taking points off clubs would be more effective than fining them.


NOTE: The findings relating to 3rd X1S (Saturday and Sunday) will be discussed in more detail at the 3rd X1 SGM on 12 November. .  




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