Date: 5th Jun 2020
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FINES TO JUNE 9th 2019

Date: 29th June 2019

2018/19 Fines including those for the first eight weeks of matches total almost £3000.

It is somewhat disappointing that despite many attempts to get clubs to abide by the rules and regulations fines continue to rise.  The comparable total in 2018 was £600 less.

A breakdown of the total for the various fine categories is as below.

Home team result recording failures - £525
Away team result recording failures -  £310
Unsure players -                                  £180
Conceded matches -                           £845  (£430 from cup match concessions; £195 3rd XI league matches)
No scorer -                                           £110
No umpire -                                          £40
Umpire not paid -                                 £45
Late Captains Reports -                      £365
General Meetings non-attendance -   £700
Conceded match fines would have been £220 more but Management Committee agreed to reduce fines for the 3rd XI Cups to the level of League matches.  Late Captains reports continue to rise alarmingly. Not included above but eight captains failed to return their reports in time for last week's matches! 
The failure of some clubs to routinely fail to attend General Meetings shows a complete disregard for other clubs in the L&DCC and lack of respect for the members of the Management Committee.  The management of the L&DCC depends on the support of all the clubs who are responsible for approving changes to the rules of association.
Nine clubs have fines of over £100 (B'head Park, Caldy, Fleetwood Hesketh, M'side S&C, Northop Hall, Prescot & O, Prestatyn, Rainhill and S'port & B)
If any club wishes to see a detailed breakdown of its fines please contact me by email.
Eric Hadfield - President & Fines Coordinator
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