Date: 13th Dec 2019
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Date: 11th June 2019

A disciplinary report was received from the 1st XI T20 match between Bootle and Maghull on 30 May.

James Siddall (Bootle) and Paul McKenna (Maghull captain) were reported for inappropriate physical contact for which the recommended penalty is a minimum 3 weeks ban.

The Disciplinary Committee has agreed with Bootle CC for a ban of 2 weeks with 2 weeks suspended until the end of the season for James Siddall.  The ban commenced on Friday 6th June.

Maghull CC has accepted the recommended penalty for Paul McKenna who is banned for 3 weeks (commencing 6th June).  The Disciplinary Committee has also imposed a two week ban suspended until the end of the season.

Eric Hadfield - L&DCC Disciplinary Representative

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