Date: 24th Aug 2019
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Date: 29th December 2018


Wise words from the Judge

My penultimate year after over a decade in post has been a mixed one.

Internationally it could not have been worse with Australia’s “Sandpapergate” and England’s “Bristolgate” but, encouragingly, the severe and deserved penalties dished out to Messrs Hughes, Warner, Bancroft, Stokes and Hales may have the beneficial effect of toning down Australia’s abrasive on-field behaviour and reminding cricketers generally of their moral status to the public at large.

We shall see after next year’s Ashes.

Locally the L&DCC remains one of the better-behaved leagues with few, if any, of the incidents depicted in the papers such as that between batsman and fielder in a game at St Asaph, wrestling on the pitch!

Yet there is no room for complacency. Clubs and players seem to have learnt to respect the disciplinary process generally and Appeals have been few, but two individual cases have shown that there still exists the mentality to abuse both umpires and opponents. This year’s statistics show a worrying increase in umpire abuse and this will not be tolerated.

Players must remember that, without umpires, the game cannot function. The L&DCC is well served by the members of the MCUA and all clubs must realise that.

If a lifetime in cricket has taught me one thing, it is that respect for opponents and umpires on-field leads to a lifetime of friendship off it.

Richard McCullagh

Chairman Disciplinary Committee LG L&DCC

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