Date: 21st Jul 2019
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Date: 29th October 2018

A few comments have been received from clubs confused by the Questionnaire of 26 October.

The question regarding Saturday 3rd XI structure should have made it clear that the Premier Division will remain as 12 teams based on the 2018 promotions and relegations.  Current information shows 16 teams in Division 1 and the question is - should this be one division of 16 teams or two regional divisions of 8 teams.

The teams assumed are below.

3rd XI Prem 3rd XI Div 1
BFL 1 Alder 3  
Bootle (DH) B'field P 2
Goodlass 1 B'head Park 3
Liverpool 3 Caldy (DW)
MS&C 1 Caldy (MD)
New B (CJ) Formby 3
New B (SLS) Maghull 3
Northern (GK) Maghull 4
Northern (SK) Northern 5  ££  
Ormskirk 3 Northop Hall 3
Sefton Park 3 Ormskirk 4
Wallasey 3 Orrell RT 3
  P & O 3 
  Sefton Park 4
  Sefton Park 5  
  South L'pool 1 


Management Committee 

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