Date: 24th Jun 2019
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Date: 26th October 2018

Request for views to inform discussion on 6 November

3rd XIs Questionnaire


As indicated at the meeting on 16 October here is a brief questionnaire for clubs to complete prior to the SGM and 3rd XIs meeting on 6 November.  The responses will inform a discussion on the way forward for 3rd XI Cricket in the Liverpool Competition.

Please return your answers/views to by no later than Sunday 4 November. Thank You.


1 Please confirm your club's 3rd XI playing intentions for 2019. E.g 1 team Saturday 1 team Sunday etc. 


2.Sunday Teams - how did the 4 Geographical Divisions work? Do you want it to continue? 


3. Sunday Teams – Do you want the option of playing in a T20 Sunday afternoon league?


4. Saturday Teams. There were 22 concessions in 2018, the majority in the school holidays. It looks as though there will be 16 teams competing in the 1st Division 2019.

There are two options:

4.1all 16 teams in one Division with teams playing 7 teams home and away and 8 just once 4.2 Two 8 team regional divisions playing teams twice with spare days to be allocated in the July and August school holidays.

Which would you prefer?


5. Player eligibility. Particularly on Sundays. Do you have any suggestions that could improve the situation? 


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