Date: 24th Aug 2019
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Date: 8th September 2018

In the past five weeks of fixtures the number of fines has risen exponentially.

These reports are required by MCUA to assist with their grading system for future appointments and also to provide feedback to help their umpires improve performance.

Kevin Wilson collates the information for MCUA and advises when reports are late.  For most of this season he has had to repeatedly chase various captains, which he is not obliged to do.  Clubs have been reminded at many general meetings of the need to provide these reports in a timely manner or fines will be recorded and they will not be chased.

After 4th August matches one club was fined, after 11th August matches four clubs were fined and advised by email.  After 18th August matches again four clubs were fined, after 25th August matches six clubs were fined and after last week eight clubs failed to send the reports by Wednesday evening.  This makes 23 fines of £15.

In accordance with Clause 8.1.13 (page 52 of the 2018 Handbook) three missing reports by a club will lead to a representative being asked to attend the next Management Committee meeting.  Three clubs fall into that category already and two clubs are just one short.

The missing reports are still required and it should be noted that six reports are still missing more than two weeks after the match.

Eric Hadfield - L&DCC Fines Coordinator


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