Date: 19th Apr 2019
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Date: 22nd August 2018

The draw for the 3rd XI Play-offs was made by the Cricket Committee at tonight's meeting.

The teams finishing first and second in each division will go into the quarter final round to be played on September 2nd.  The results of matches played after Monday 27th August will be deemed abandoned 5 points each for the purposes of qualification.

The draw grid is shown below and the fixtures will be published on Play-Cricket no later than Wednesday 29th August.  Matches played after 27 August are deemed to have been abandoned for the purposes of final league positions.


Round 1

September 2nd


September 9th


September 16th


Match 1

Formby 3




Wavertree 3

Match 2

South Liverpool


Runner-up SE

Match 3

Winner NW



Runner-up NE

Match 4

Winner NE


Runner-up NW

The matches will be played in accordance with the PLAYING rules for the 3rd XI 40 over KO (Mike Leddy Cup) - Handbook pages 56-63. The ELIGIBILITY rules are as for the league matches played during the season.  This includes the appointment by MCUA of umpires for the semi-finals and final.  Club umpires if available may be used for the quarter finals, otherwise please contact Eddie Shiff or Eric Hadfield who should be able to help bearing in mind that there may only be three or four days to make arrangements.

Management Committee


Winner NW


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