Date: 24th May 2019
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Date: 23rd April 2018

It is apparent that upgrades to Play-Cricket are causing difficulty when entering scorecards.

Scorers and Team Captains need to note that there have been some issues with the selection of players when posting the detailed scorecards through Play Cricket. 
Players now need to have been allocated to a Squad through the Play Cricket (Edit Roles / Squad Players)
Players not allocated to a squad are no longer visible on the list of players to be selected, irrespective of whether they have League Registration.
If a player appears as an Unsure option, please check if the player has been allocated to a Squad.
If a player appears in red on a scorecard you have duplicate records for him/her and the league registration is hidden.  Clubs need to merge these two registrations or the league statistics will not be updated.
If you still have problems please contact Rob Durand
Management Committee
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