Date: 21st Jul 2018
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Date: 23rd June 2017

Lack of sufficient umpires to fulfil the needs of the 1st XI cup competitions last weekend means changes to the Rules and Regulations.

Of immediate concern is that apparently clubs with 3rd XI teams in the Mike Leddy Cup quarter finals on Sunday 25th June have not requested MCUA umpires, there are none listed on the MCUA website.  This may be an oversight by MCUA but more likely a failure of clubs to follow the regulations.  Clause 4.3 page 57 of the Handbook states that '...the team shall advise MCUA of the date and venue..'  The rules will need to be clarified in 2018.

Therefore clubs with teams involved in these matches are encouraged to use their own club umpires if they have not yet asked MCUA to supply them.  All home clubs will be texted/emailed to ensure two suitably experienced umpires are available.

All 2nd XI teams with home fixtures in the quarter finals of the Chester and Tittershill Cups must confirm their requirement to MCUA for umpires on 2nd July as none are currently shown on the MCUA website.

On the 16th July the present schedules show a requirement for 18 umpires (14 at 1st XI and 4 for Mike Leddy semi-finals) which experience now shows will be difficult to achieve.  Therefore the clubs involved in the Ray Tyler Cup quarter finals have been asked to consider moving their matches to the 9th or 23rd July.  Those that do so need to contact MCUA and advise the Fixture Secretary. 

The scheduling of the cup competitions in 2018 will need to take into account these umpiring problems but it will still be necessary for teams to contact MCUA in a timely manner.

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