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Date: 16th June 2017


The following is taken from Play Cricket today...

Administrator Notices

Scam warning

From an official of a club on the play-cricket system 16th June 2017:
"I am the treasurer of our club and I need to make you aware of a recent fraud that we have been the victim of, where fake email accounts have been made by persons pretending to be the president of the cricket club, and contacting the treasurer requesting an invoice be paid.
On 15th of June I received an email that appeared to be from the club president, asking me to pay an invoice; the email was very plausible and I had no reason to believe that I was dealing with anyone other than the president. Unfortunately I paid the invoice by bank transfer to then be made aware that the email address was in fact fake and the invoice a fraudulent request. 
When looking at our club’s contact details on this web site it lists [name] as the president and myself as treasurer so it appears that they have taken those details, created a fake email account for the president of the club and requested funds direct from the treasurer. 
Please can this be passed to all clubs who use this site and make them aware of this potential scam. The club has lost nearly £2000 so if this can be avoided by other clubs being aware, that would be great."

Please be careful; if you receive a message of this or a similar nature that purports to be from a club, league or board official check that the email address from which it originates is the one by which you 'know' them. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the message then contact them direct by 'phone to make sure that it is a genuine request before making any payment

Here are some useful links such as advice from the ICO  for the small business and ‘Get Safe Online’ which has a huge array of resources including some useful videos

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