Date: 22nd Jun 2018
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Date: 27th April 2017


The first week of the season saw several clubs not entering results by the 10pm deadline, sending inaccurate Match Result Forms, captains not reporting on umpires etc

We really do want to get fines down this season!

Play-Cricket Results

1. Missing the 10pm deadline will not incur a fine in respect of last week's matches.  All other reporting requirements on Play-Cricket, eg scorecard entry and check confirmed on time, will incur the usual £5 fine.

2. Play-cricket  has changed in a number of ways this year, one of these affects how players are selected from the list of registered players when for example scorers are trying to upload teams before a game. The full list of registered players for a club is no longer visible. Play-cricket now requires that players are selected from within each team squad (1st XI / 2nd  XI / Under 15s XI etc.). There is also an option of selecting from “N/A” (i.e. Not Allocated for those players not yet allocated to any squad - which is often necessary with newly registered players.

MRFs 2017

As announced and circulated at the pre-season meeting new combined MRF + team sheets forms have been prepared for all 2nd and 3rd XI matches (league and cup), these are also on the website under Admin Docs>Match Result Forms.  Revised MRFs for 1st XI league matches have also been prepared and were circulated at the pre-season meeting, the only change being the removal of reference to the start time of the 'last hour' which is no longer relevant.  Unfortunately the new forms were not available on the website before last weekend but have now been uploaded.

Regrettably, changes to ARSec details for the 2nd XI Prem and Division 1 and the Sunday 3rd XI Prem and Div 1 SW were only updated on the website for the combined MRF + team sheet versions.  The full sheet forms given out at the pre-season meeting to every club with a team in any of these divisions contained the correct details but the website forms were not updated in time for last week's matches. Some clubs will have downloaded and used the website documents and ARSecs are aware of this.  The full sheet forms have now been updated on the website.

No fines will be levied for the use of wrong forms for last weekend's matches but failure to submit by the deadline will incur the usual £5 fine.

Captain's Reports

Despite the importance of these forms being stressed at the Captains' Meeting and in a bulletin on this website last week, 17 captains failed to submit reports on umpires before the Wednesday 5.30pm deadline.  These forms are still needed and for this week only the fines will not be levied if the reports are submitted before noon on Saturday 29 April. 

Anyone unsure of the requirements of these reports should refer to the bulletin of 17th April - REMINDER FOR 1ST XI CAPTAINS - CAPTAINS MARKING FORMS 2017.


Management Committee appreciates there were difficulties with scoring and accessing Play-Cricket last week and so as detailed above many of the instances which would normally attract a fine will not be fined.  However, normal service will be resumed from the "coming weekend on".

Management Committee


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